VOY Spirit Walk: Old Wounds

{4.5/5} “The thing that had kept Voyager together under remarkable circumstances for seven full years was the crew’s devotion to Federation ideals, even — perhaps especially — on the part of the Maquis among them. To come home to a shattered quadrant recovering from war, and to see the Federation starting to splinter because of it, had been particularly painful to Janeway, and she had volunteered to take under her wing any and all missions that kept the still-wounded Federation together.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Spirit Walk: Old Wounds by Christie Golden, published in 2004

When Captain Chakotay takes command of Voyager, he’s able to get Lieutenant Kim to join him. But his other friends are off doing other things. Their first mission is do deliver some colonists, who are concerned because they haven’t been able to contact their friends on Loran II recently. The planet used to be under the control of the Cardassians.

Other characters featured whom we know, mostly from the previous 2 books, are Dr. Jarem Kaz, Chakotay’s sister Sekeya, and Libby Webber.

This is a great beginning to a new chapter in the Voyager story — the story continues directly into the sequel.

I’ve read 11 books by Golden. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — The Farther Shore.

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