Manifest (season 3)

{4.5/5} “We may be on the cusp of understanding the biggest mystery in human history.”

Manifest season 3, aired in 2021

Ben had a vision of the plane exploding, and fishermen in Cuba brought up the tailfin of the plane out of the ocean. Cal draws a picture of the fishermen’s boat, and Ben goes looking for it. Ben, Cal, and Michaela all have a vision of a woman they must help — a woman they don’t know. Meanwhile, Saanvi has killed the Major, although she didn’t mean to. And the 3 criminals who were lost underneath the ice have returned — alive for now.

This is the final season — the show was cancelled after the season finale aired. The story isn’t wrapped up, but if it sounds interesting to you you might watch it anyway.

The story took a bizarre turn* this season, which didn’t end up getting explained.

I was occasionally reminded of one of the not-so-great aspects of Lost when people made important decisions based on very little evidence.

Holly Taylor joins the cast as Angelina.

Stars Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, and Matt Long.

The mysterious music is by Danny Lux.

I previously reviewed season 2.

Spoiler alert

*What happened to flight 828 is somehow related to Noah’s Ark.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    This show was rescued by Netflix. It will get a 4th season which will be the last one, so the creators can end it the way they want to.

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