New Zealand phasing out smoking

New Zealand has a unique and bold plan to phase out smoking. The smoking age will be raised every year — until it covers the entire population. Here’s The Damage Report on this topic:

New Zealand Phases Out Cigarettes In Country-Wide Ban

The video then moves on to a second topic, which is also interesting: the UAE is moving to a 4.5 day work week.

Hopefully both of these plans, or similar ones, will be taken up by other countries.

The video then moves on to a third topic, which until now would have been science fictional. Plans are afoot to build “Earth’s black box,” which will theoretically survive some event that destroys humanity. It will gather information from the internet. At the moment the drives inside will only last 30-50 years, but they will eventually improve that. This is another terrific idea: anyone who comes along after humanity could learn something from our mistakes.

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