It’s time to get rid of monarchy

Among the things we should get rid of in the 21st century? Monarchy. Note that I’m not talking about a specific monarchy, or specific people. Any specific monarch might be a nice person — that is irrelevant to my point. Regardless of their niceness, or usefulness, they should get off their throne.

As for the argument that monarchy is doing some good — the good that they do can be done by someone else. Someone whose position isn’t inherited. An inherited position of power makes no logical sense — just because one person does a good job doesn’t mean their offspring will.

As for the argument that monarchy is a tradition — we routinely stop doing things that are traditions when we find they are no longer useful.

We need to look forward to the future — monarchy looks back to the past, and not in a good way. Monarchy reminds us of a time when the vast majority of the world was much worse than it is today, when anything the king or queen wanted done would be done. There are still some places in the world that have absolute monarchies, like Saudi Arabia. Parliamentary monarchies give places like that more credibility than it deserves.

Here is someone who has thought about it articulating a couple of more points against monarchy. He says that monarchy is the enemy of democracy. Here’s J.J. McCullough:

The Case Against Monarchy (Debating UsefulCharts)

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  1. Michael Maki Says:

    I really believe it’s time to rid ourselves of the monarchy, it’s long overdue!!!! Surely we can stand on our own two feet now!!! They contribute nothing to Canada! We have to pay for their visits here, but they
    contribute nothing!!!

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