Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Bloodletter

{4/5} “What Sisko didn’t tell him — and he wasn’t about to, either — was that he’d been prepared to grant the doctor’s request from the beginning. But now, Bashir had learned to fight for what he believed in; now, he was that much closer to being an officer as well as a doctor.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Bloodletter by K. W. Jeter, published in 1993

Commander Benjamin Sisko is concerned about what a Cardassian ship will do after it goes through the wormhole. With a little help from Odo sneaking aboard, they realize that the Cardassians are going to build a base — laying claim to the other side of the wormhole. Meanwhile, a Bajoran religious zealot is hiding on DS9, recording messages for his followers. He has decreed that Major Kira must die.

The characters aren’t quite as perfect as in a Peter David novel, but they’re not too far off. Kira and Bashir are featured.

Jeter is a fine writer. He has a couple of interesting ideas in particular that, as far as I remember, weren’t pursued in the series.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 3 of Jeter’s novels — I read 2 of his Blade Runner sequels some years ago.

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