Star Trek: DS9 — Avatar, Book Two

{4.5/5} “At the moment, she felt that she couldn’t possibly be surprised… and she knew from experience that feeling that way was usually when the universe decided to shake things up a little more, to try and find out what a person was created from, clay or sand, adapt or crumble.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Avatar, Book Two by S. D. Perry, published in 2001

Kitana’klan is a Jem’Hadar who claims to be on a mission of peace from Odo. Colonel Kira isn’t sure whether to believe him, but she moves him to a cargo hold and asks Ezri to speak to him. Kira has also found a prophecy that says 10 000 Bajorans have to die for the Emissary’s child to be born. Captain Picard and the Enterprise-E arrive with the Orb of Memory, which they found in the Badlands.

It’s about telling the truth, and giving someone a chance.

Captain Picard’s chat with Lieutenant Ro is one of the best parts of a great book.

In addition to the regulars Kasidy Yates has a nice role, as does Nog. We also see what’s happening with Odo.

New characters Taran’atar the Jem’Hadar, Elias Vaughn the human, and Thirishar ch’Thane aka Shar the Andorian are introduced here and continue through many books.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 2 books by Perry. I previously reviewed Avatar, Book One.

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