Ghostwriting and celebrity books

I hadn’t seen anything by this guy before but he has a lot of insightful things to say on this topic. His name is Jack Edwards:

the complicated ethics of ghostwriters + celebrity books

He points out:

  • some celebrities are more transparent than others about their ghostwriters
  • saying a book was the fastest selling debut novel when the ghostwriter had actually written prior novels probably isn’t right
  • a person who doesn’t usually read might read a book by a celebrity they love and that starts them reading
  • celebrity books put money in the hands of bookstores and publishers
  • when publishers make more money by publishing celebrity books they can use the extra money to fund debut novelists
  • we kind of assume that fiction is written by the person whose name is on the cover but with memoirs we assume there’s a ghostwriter

He uses books with the names Millie Bobby Brown, Zoe Sugg, James Patterson, and Prince Harry on the cover as some of his examples.

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