Star Trek: Voyager — Homecoming

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{4.5/5} “Libby felt a rush of excited calm settle over her. This was what she was good at. She wasn’t trained as an expert to access computers, or dismantle weapons, or break codes. Her strength was in analyzing people and being so harmless in the process that they let their guard down.” Star Trek: Voyager […]

Star Trek: Voyager — Distant Shores

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{5/5} “Neelix may have been the nominal morale officer, and Tom Paris was clearly the life of the party hereabouts… but as she watched the crew interact, Marika sensed that Harry Kim was the true heart of Voyager, a stalwart, gentle, optimistic anchor keeping the crew from losing faith or growing embittered, as their counterparts […]

Star Trek: Voyager (season 7)

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{5/5} “Two crews, Maquis and Starfleet, are going to become one, and they’ll make as big a mark on the Delta Quadrant as it’ll make on them, by protecting people like the Ocampans, curing diseases, encouraging peace. Children like Naomi and Icheb are going to grow up on this ship and call it home. And […]

Star Trek

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Here’s an update to this list. The Original Series I don’t read all of these but I do pick up the ones that are written by authors I know or look particularly interesting. I’ve also reread a few of the best older ones. The Entropy Effect by Vonda N. McIntyre 1981 -> 4.5/5 Yesterday’s Son […]

The Doors of Eden

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{5/5} “There were places you did not go casually that could transform you or vanish you away. There were valleys where monsters might brush your elbow, from the other side of a divide incomprehensible to the human mind. There were clawed tracks that led off in directions they had no name for, into impossible distances […]


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{4/5} “What’s happened, happened.” Tenet, released in 2020 A man wakes up and finds he no longer works for the CIA, as he’s been declared dead. He’s needed for the most important of important tasks — stop World War III. When he meets the first person who explains any of it to him, he finds […]

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds III

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{5/5} “When the bad memories rear up, I check to see if they have any relevance to my present circumstances. If they do, I learn whatever lesson they have to teach me. If they don’t, I summon happy thoughts and overwhelm the sadness, drowning my sorrows in joy.” (from “Dorian’s Diary”) Star Trek: Strange New […]

Ninefox Gambit

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{4.5/5} “She was looking out of the window as they arced into the sky, so she saw the waiting Kel bannermoth drop two bombs, neat and precise, on the site they had just left. A day’s worth of hard battle and the entire objective rendered irrelevant by high explosives. She kept watching until the explosions’ […]

VOY String Theory: Evolution

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{4.5/5} “While most of these hotshots around here act all blasé about rearranging planetary systems and making stars go nova, the truth is, simple games of chance entertain them endlessly. I’ve seen Q at the slots for days, shoveling in their chips and pulling the handle to see if the primordial DNA combinations the box […]

Star Trek: Voyager (season 6)

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{5/5} “Keep a docking bay open for us.” — Captain Janeway, to Admiral Paris on Earth Star Trek: Voyager season 6, aired in 1999-2000 When the Doctor starts daydreaming, he imagines that he becomes the Emergency Command Hologram when Janeway becomes incapacitated. Back on Earth, Reg Barclay has become obsessed with finding a way to […]