Star Trek: Aurora (season 1)

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{4/5} “Never speak ill of your ship. Your ship is your life.” Star Trek: Aurora season 1, aired in 2006-15 Kara and T’Ling take their cargo ship Aurora through a nebula to save time — other ships wouldn’t be able to do it because they don’t have armor plating. When another ship foolishly follows them […]

What Happened to Monday

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{5/5} “‘Do you have a plan?’ ‘I am the plan.’” What Happened to Monday aka Seven Sisters, released in 2017 Because of overpopulation there’s now a one child policy. Of course, that doesn’t stop some people. Terrence has 7 granddaughters, septuplets. In order to not get caught by the police, they pretend to be the […]


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{4.5/5} “He told me… having two historians in the same temporal and spatial location was too dangerous, which is ridiculous. It isn’t as if we’d run into each other — there were thousands of people in Trafalgar Square on VE-Day. And even if we did, what does he think we’d do? Shout, ‘Oh, my, another […]

Last Year

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{4.5/5} “But visitors don’t get into the City for free, do they? The price is paid in gold and silver, and all that gold and silver goes straight to the so-called future, where it lines somebody’s pocket. How they came here is difficult to understand; what they want of us is not.” Last Year by […]

Star Trek: Unspoken Truth

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{4.5/5} “‘Unpleasant truths are best left unspoken…’ She raised one hand in a gesture her mentor T’Pau was noted for, but T’Saan wore it more gently than the old aristocrat ever had. ‘Your concern for her safety is noted. You are as protective of her today as you were when you were children.’” Star Trek: […]

Star Trek Continues (season 1)

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{4.5/5} “I estimate our odds at 492.031 against us succeeding. But the captain would consider those odds manageable.” Star Trek Continues season 1, aired in 2013-17 The Enterprise meets Apollo again — this time he looks old and frail, but Kirk is suspicious. They rescue an Orion slave girl, but Starfleet Command says they have […]

There’s a Story about That

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David Brin has created a website to gather together science fiction solutions to real-world problems. The idea is that governments and organizations could look here when they have an unusual problem to deal with. By learning from the thought science fiction authors have already given to these problems, they could avoid mistakes and think about […]

Heaven’s Reach

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{4.5/5} “It occurred to me that I was privileged at that moment to witness four of the great Orders of Life in action at the same instant. Hydrogen breathers, machine intelligences, oxy-creatures like myself, and the ‘retired’ phylum — beings who built on such a scale that they thought nothing of husbanding a star like […]


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Here are the movies in the series that started with Ridley Scott’s Alien. The quadrilogy Alien 1979 -> 3/5 (+) Aliens 1986 -> 4.5/5 (+) Alien3 1992 -> 3.5/5 Alien Resurrection 1997 -> 4.5/5 The crossovers Alien vs. Predator 2004 -> didn’t see it Alien vs. Predator: Requiem 2007 -> didn’t see it The prequels […]


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Here are my ratings for the Batman movies that aren’t part of the DC extended universe. It’s possible that I watched 1966’s Batman movie with Adam West decades ago but I have no interest in watching it again to rate it. The graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns and the TV show Gotham are both […]