The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard

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{4.5/5} “Will… they put us in charge of these vessels, they train us as best they can to be emissaries of peace, to avoid conflict… but there will always be those who look to war and violence for their solution, who operate out of greed and self-interest. We can’t blame ourselves for their occasional success. […]

Star Trek

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I’ve read many Star Trek books over the years. For a start, I’ll just list the ones I’ve reviewed in my blog. The Original Series I don’t read all of these but I do pick up the ones that are written by authors I know or look particularly interesting. I recently reread a few of […]

Star Trek: Discovery — Fear Itself

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{4.5/5} “The simulation helped to keep Saru focused and, more importantly, it was a constant reminder of the singular truth that he believed above all others — the universe was an inherently dangerous place, which would kill the unwary and the unprepared in a heartbeat.” Star Trek: Discovery — Fear Itself by James Swallow, published […]

Star Trek: Sarek

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{5/5} “Amanda Grayson Sarek possessed great strength, fortitude, and courage: the strength to survive a world that poses great hardships for outworlders; the fortitude to endure the suspicion and distrust in which humans were frequently held; and the courage to forever alter the way Vulcans view the people of Terra. She changed us, not through […]

Star Trek: The Lost Years

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{4.5/5} “What if I made you an admiral without chaining you to that desk? If I made you a special envoy, put you in Admiral Ciana’s department as a troubleshooter? If it’s excitement you want, we could have you warping all over the galaxy again.” Star Trek: The Lost Years by J. M. Dillard, published […]

Star Trek: Spock’s World

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{5/5} “‘Doctor,’ Spock said, ‘in the modern Vulcan language, the word for “idiot” is derived directly from an older compound word that means “one who fails to participate in civil affairs.”‘” Star Trek: Spock’s World by Diane Duane, published in 1988 Vulcan is having a referendum on whether to secede from the Federation. Sarek has […]

Star Trek: Prime Directive

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{5/5} “For every civilization which was more advanced than those making up the Federation, there were a hundred which were less so. And every one of those less-advanced worlds would, in time, have been overwhelmed by the Federation’s superior technological culture and well-intentioned aid and enlightenment — unless drastic measures were taken.” Star Trek: Prime […]

Star Trek: Enterprise — The First Adventure

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{4.5/5} “I believed when I first observed you, that I could not work with you. You are very different from Christopher Pike. You are emotional, headstrong, and stubborn. But I have come to understand that these differences should be valued, not despised. I realized that working with you would be a valuable, if difficult, experience.” […]

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Heart

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{5/5} “Spock let out his breath in a silent sigh. Pardek might well be imprisoned or, by now, dead. With no Federation diplomatic relations with Romulus after Tomed, and only the scantiest of data from Intelligence, he had no recourse. He must go to Romulus, quite outside the law — and alone.” Star Trek: Vulcan’s […]

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge

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{5/5} “Spock paused, considering the starkness about him. A younger Spock would have agreed stiffly that there was an esthetic correctness to the arrangement of plain and mesa and mountains. Now he could say simply, ‘Yes. I, too, find it beautiful.’” Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz, published in 1997 In […]