Awkward. (season 1)

{4.5/5} “Watching an emotional train wreck was awesome unless you’re the one getting hit.”

Awkward. season 1, aired in 2011

This is another show about high school students, so why did I start watching it? Because a friend of mine uses the word “awkward” a lot. Once I started watching, I wanted to find out what Jenna was going to do next.

Jenna (played by Ashley Rickards), the main character, finally gains some recognition at her school. But not for anything she’d want to be recognized for — she has to wear a neck brace and a cast on her arm due to an accident which people mistake as a suicide attempt.

Many things that happen are the sort of things that happen in all high schools, but Jenna is a unique character — she’s smart, funny, sarcastic, and unsure of herself when it comes to relationships. She finds herself in embarrassing, shall we say awkward, situations quite often. The adults on the show are mostly fairly silly but it’s mainly about the kids.

Yes, there’s a period at the end of the title — it’s the 21st century.

The second season is coming later this year.

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