The Big C (seasons 1 & 2)

{5/5} “They take all the mirrors out of your house or something? You don’t look good.”

The Big C seasons 1 & 2, aired in 2010-11

Laura Linney (Jim Carrey’s wife in The Truman Show) stars in this show about a woman who finds out she has cancer. Cathy, Linney’s character, initially decides not to tell anyone about the cancer. Her husband Paul is played by Oliver Platt (you’ve seen him in a bunch of things, including X-Men: First Class as a CIA executive friendly to the mutants). Cathy is a teacher, she and Paul have a teenage son, and they live across the street from a cranky old woman.

All of the characters make some pretty bad decisions, sometimes shocking ones. The flawed characters are definitely one of the things that makes the show interesting.

The show is both funny and serious. When you have cancer every moment isn’t going to be full of light — but every moment doesn’t have to be full of darkness either, and that’s what the show portrays.

Laura Linney is one of the executive producers of the show. She’s able to get some big-name guest stars (Alan Alda, Cynthia Nixon, Parker Posey) to join her on the show.

I’m giving seasons 1 and 2 both 5/5. The third season starts in April.

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