Collecting autographs

There are two types of science fiction conventions, media and literary. Typically they’re separate, and I’ve been to several of each.

In the good old days (10 to 20 years ago) at the media conventions (at the time they were called Star Trek conventions) you could get an autograph from your favourite science fiction TV star for around $10 to $50. So I did — I collected autographs from the various Star Trek incarnations plus Babylon 5. But in the last 10 years (or so) prices jumped absurdly, and now it costs around $50 to $100. I still sometimes go up to say hi to the stars — if the line isn’t particularly long — but I no longer get their autograph. Although I’ve certainly been tempted — once you’ve started collecting something it’s tough to stop.

On the other hand, if you go to a literary science fiction convention you can still get an autograph for free from your favourite author. You can usually even talk to them, especially if you have something to say — whereas for the TV stars typically you have about 30 seconds with them.

I still collect autographs from authors — my new policy is to only collect autographs from people who will give them away for free.

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