Have aliens visited Earth?

I would be happy if aliens visited Earth, but I don’t believe they have as of yet. Although there are many reports of UFOs and alien abductions, somehow I think if aliens were really here we would know it. As the FAQ on the SETI Institute web site puts it: “if there were interesting, verifiable evidence that extraterrestrials were visiting our planet, tens of thousands of university scientists would be busy investigating this idea. They’re not.”

To take one specific case, there were no aliens at Roswell in 1947. All you have to do is read The Roswell UFO Crash by Kal K. Korff and it will be clear exactly what happened. Korff discredits every single “witness” and shows you pictures of exactly what it was that crashed — a top secret military balloon that had been used to spy on the Russians. He also points out something that I hadn’t thought of before: people want to believe that there were aliens at Roswell. For example, residents of Roswell are making money off of tourism from people who think there were aliens — they’re not going to turn around now and say, “Oh, sorry — we were wrong. No aliens — go back home.”

Here are some more alien encounters debunked, from Space.com:

Ten Alien Encounters Debunked

Just because there were no aliens at Roswell doesn’t mean there were no aliens anywhere else. I remain open minded and ready to be convinced when evidence presents itself.

Finally, just because no aliens have visited Earth doesn’t mean there are no aliens out in the universe somewhere — I talked about this yesterday.

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