We live in a post-era era

That gets my vote for the phrase of the day — Douglas Coupland knows how to turn a phrase, and he’s also an astute observer of culture. Coupland is the author of such books as Generation X, Microserfs, and jPod. (I saw him read one time, and got his autograph.)

In his review of ‘Gods Without Men,’ by Hari Kunzru he says:

But aside from the absence of phone cameras, the people and streets of September 2001 looked pretty much identical to those of September 2011: the clothes, the hair, the cars. I mention this because it has been only in the past decade that we appear to have entered an aura-free universe in which all eras coexist at once — a state of possibly permanent atemporality given to us courtesy of the Internet. No particular era now dominates. We live in a post-era era without forms of its own powerful enough to brand the times.

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