What to do if you’re talking with a creationist

Has this happened to you? Someone is telling you about creationism and you’re pretty sure they’re wrong but you’re not sure exactly what to say. Here’s a YouTube video I came across that will help.

Top Ten Creationist Arguments

And here’s a great blog on evolution and creationism. It keeps you up to date on new findings in evolution, as well as what creationists are up to.

ScienceDenial: Documenting massive ostrichification in action

For even more information on evolution, I recommend Richard Dawkins’ book The Ancestor’s Tale. It progresses backwards through time. The first section is about the common ancestor of all of humanity, the second section is about the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees — by the eleventh section you get to the common ancestor of humans and rabbits. I didn’t have enough science background to understand it all, but what I did understand was fascinating.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    Here’s a great image that shows how evolution is about gradual change…

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