The IT Crowd (seasons 1 & 2)

“Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

{5/5} The IT Crowd season 1, aired in 2006

{4.5/5} The IT Crowd season 2, aired in 2007

The IT Crowd is a British show that’s very funny. I’d seen season 1 a couple of times but somehow had never gotten around to season 2 until now. Roy and Moss work in an IT department in the basement of an office building. In the first season Jen becomes their new manager even though she doesn’t know anything about computers. Roy and Moss’ social awkwardness provides much of the humour — it has similarities to Mr. Bean and The Big Bang Theory.

There are 4 seasons and each season has 6 episodes. I found that in season 2 there were some times when things were supposed to be funny but weren’t. Roy and Moss are still hilarious but Jen is sometimes not so funny and the new boss Douglas is sometimes not so funny.

If you pay attention to the details you might find something you recognize. There’s a Commodore PET (the first computer my family had) behind Moss’ desk, and at one point there was a Ticket to Ride game (one of the first European board games I played) on a shelf.

Roy is played by Chris O’Dowd (FAQ About Time Travel). Moss is played by Richard Ayoade (Bunny and the Bull). Jen is played by Katherine Parkinson (the TV show Doc Martin). And their goth coworker Richmond is played by Noel Fielding (the TV show The Mighty Boosh).

The show was created by Graham Linehan (Father Ted), who also wrote and directed all of the episodes.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    I watched season 1 again — it’s still hilarious.

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