{4.5/5} “Although we seemed to exist in different universes, I came to understand that to be an illusion. I am as much a part of the Milky Way Galaxy as she is; the electrons and photons of which I am made, although intangible to both her and me, are real… Despite these disparities of space and time, there were resonances between us: we were entangled; she was I, and I was she, and together we were greater than either of us had been.”

Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer, published in 2011

Wonder is the final book in Sawyer’s WWW trilogy.

Webmind (the part of the Web that’s conscious) and Hobo (the bonobo-chimpanzee) are both under threat, so they both appeal to the public. Webmind operates very quickly so is able to interact with millions of humans. Caitlin continues to help Webmind and also finds a boyfriend for the first time. Meanwhile, in China the president decides to get rid of outside influences by cutting off internet access to the rest of the world.

These different storylines sound separate in my brief description but they do converge in a clever way.

Even if you think that there’s no way consciousness could ever emerge on the Web, I still highly recommend this series — Sawyer always includes ideas worth thinking about.

Sawyer does a significant amount of research for each book — he’s able to explain things in a way that’s understandable and interesting. The book is very funny in spots. Caitlin is interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a show I happen to watch.

I’ve now read 17 books by Sawyer — 15 novels and 2 collections. The only author I’ve read more books by — at least in the last 20 years — is Orson Scott Card. Sawyer’s latest book, Triggers, is out in hardcover. I’ve already read the first few chapters online and am eager to read the rest.

I previously reviewed Sawyer’s novel Watch.

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