Stargate Atlantis (season 3)

{4.5/5} “Nothing renews your appreciation for the military like the threat of invasion from life-sucking aliens.”

In “The Return” they discover a ship going by that has Ancients on it — when the Ancients return to Atlantis, they decide to keep it. In “Common Ground” Sheppard is imprisoned next door to a Wraith — they are forced to work together to escape. In “Tao of Rodney” Rodney is hit by a beam of energy from an Ancient device — he then discovers he has the powers of increased intelligence, telekinesis, and telepathy.

Stargate Atlantis season 3 originally aired in 2006-07 and continues right after season 2 left off.

This is a great season — we learn more about the main characters, and therefore they become more interesting. We also learn more about the Wraith, including meeting one Wraith who has some redeeming qualities. In one episode there’s a fairly surprising death of a major character. The season ends with an exciting cliffhanger, as usual.

Richard Dean Anderson (the TV show MacGyver) drops by as Jack O’Neill — in one episode he’s his funny old self and even contributes to the mission. Richard Kind (the TV show Spin City) plays a rogue with a big secret. Robert Picardo (the TV show Star Trek: Voyager) reprises his character Richard Woolsey from Stargate SG-1. And Connor Trinneer returns as Michael, whom he played in season 2.

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