Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury, etc.

There have been three short films (16 to 22 minutes) that are sequels to How to Train Your Dragon, a movie I loved. The first appeared on the DVD with the original movie in 2010, and the other two appeared on their own DVD in 2011. A TV show, Dragons: Riders of Berk, has just started. And a full-length movie sequel is in the works for 2014.

Several actors reprise their roles from the original movie including Jay Baruchel (Fanboys) as Hiccup, Gerard Butler (300) as Stoick, Craig Ferguson (the TV show The Drew Carey Show) as Gobber, and America Ferrara (the TV show Ugly Betty) as Astrid.

{4/5} Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

The Vikings put out a fire at Gobber’s house. Gobber says it was the boneknapper dragon, but everyone else thinks that particular dragon is a myth. Gobber goes off to kill the dragon, so Hiccup and his friends accompany him. During their voyage Gobber tells them about all the previous encounters he’s had with the boneknapper dragon.

This is a funny story. The tall tales that Gobber tells are fabulously outrageous. Phil the sheep is great.

This film was directed by John Puglisi (storyboard artist on Enchanted among other things).

{3.5/5} Book of Dragons

The framing story is that you are a new dragon trainer. Your friends the Vikings are helping you out by explaining some things that are in the “Book of Dragons.” The book talks about all the different kinds of dragons. The book was written by Bork the Bold, and we see some brief adventures of his while he’s discovering the different types of dragons.

Since there isn’t much of a story here, it’s not as interesting as the other films. But it’s certainly watchable.

This film was directed by Steve Hickner (Bee Movie).

{4.5/5} Gift of the Night Fury

The Vikings have gotten used to having dragons around, and they’re getting ready to celebrate the holiday of Snoggletog. Then all the dragons suddenly fly away all at once. The Vikings try to get themselves in a festive mood despite their missing friends. Meanwhile, no one knows where the dragons have gone or whether they’ll be back.

This is a funny and clever story — you feel that you’re back in the world of How to Train Your Dragon.

This film was directed by Tom Owens (story artist on Monsters vs Aliens among other things).

If you feel, as I did, that this film was too short you’re in luck — there are more dragons coming to a TV near you.

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