Killarney Provincial Park

I spent a week in Killarney Provincial Park, on the northern shore of Georgian Bay. It’s now my favourite place in Ontario.

There are various activities you can do there, but all I did was hiking (other things you can do include boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and camping). There are a variety of trails — I hiked on most of the ones that you could do as a day hike (there’s a long one you can do as a 7-10 day camping trip).

I stayed at Killarney Mountain Lodge, which I recommend. Other options for non-campers include hotels and bed and breakfasts. The town of Killarney is very close to the park.

This is where the Group of Seven did some of their painting. Artists were instrumental in getting some of the land set aside as a protected area. One of the lakes in the park is OSA Lake, named after the Ontario Society of Artists, and another is AY Jackson Lake (Jackson was one of the Group of Seven).

I saw lots of chipmunks, two snakes, and a beaver — a couple I met on the trail saw two bears.

Here are my photos — you can click on a photo to get a bigger version.

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