{5/5} “‘I’m going to France.’ ‘I’m from the future. Go to China.'”

Time travel hasn’t been invented yet but it will be in 30 years. In the future a criminal organization uses time travel to dispose of people they want killed — they hire loopers in the current time to kill the people that show up at a certain time and place, and dispose of the bodies. Joe is a looper who’s good at his job — and uses a lot of drugs in his time off. One day when Joe is all set to kill, a man shows up without the customary bag over his head. It’s Joe himself, 30 years older — the organization wants to “close the loop.” Can Joe really kill his older self?

Looper, released in 2012

Wow, I haven’t been this surprised at the movie theatre in a while — I was expecting it to be good but it was very very good. It’s not every day you see a new 5/5 science fiction movie — in the last couple of years, there was The Adjustment Bureau and Inception.

Time travel is sometimes silly, but this is a serious depiction of it — like in Twelve Monkeys.

It was such a joy to watch — you didn’t know where the story was going to go, but it made sense. There were several interesting characters to follow. At one point Joe shows up at Sara’s house — in a fabulous introduction to her character Sara comes out with a shotgun, thinking he’s a vagrant.

The movie is quite violent. I try to limit the amount of violence I see — for one thing, I don’t watch movies that I would categorize as senseless violence (Sin City, the movies of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger). In this case, the violence is an integral part of the story — and the story is extremely interesting.

I didn’t notice the music in the movie. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good — it means I was totally engrossed in the story.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, 500 Days of Summer) and Bruce Willis (Twelve Monkeys, The Sixth Sense) play young Joe and old Joe respectively (Gordon-Levitt with prosthetics to make him look more like Willis). Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning) plays Sara — she acts so well in this movie that I wasn’t sure it was her. Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) plays Seth, Joe’s friend and fellow looper. Jeff Daniels (the TV show The Newsroom) plays Abe, the boss of the looper operation in the present time. Garret Dillahunt (the TV show Raising Hope) plays Jesse.

Noah Segan (Brick) plays Kid Blue. Pierce Gagnon (the TV show One Tree Hill) plays Cid, Sara’s son.

The movie was written and directed by Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom). I will definitely be seeking out his other movies.

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