{4.5/5} “You watch somebody’s behaviour and it raises 100 000 questions. I wanted to answer those questions — I wanted to know what the answers were. And so I followed people to try and find out.”

A would-be writer follows people around in order to get ideas for characters. He starts making up rules for following — like he can’t follow the same person twice. Then he starts breaking his rules. He gets caught up with an unusually philosophical burglar named Cobb. He also gets caught up with a blonde woman whose ex-boyfriend is a very dangerous guy.

Following was released in 1998.

It’s a short movie, shot in black and white, that was the director’s first movie. But that director is Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises).

The events are shown out of order, which was a bit confusing at first. Once it gets going, though, you want to find out what happens. There’s are a couple of¬†surprising and clever twists in the story.

The movie stars Jeremy Theobald (he had a small part in Batman Begins) as the writer, Alex Haw (his only movie role) as Cobb, and Lucy Russell (Tristan + Isolde) as the Blonde.

I’ve now seen all of Nolan’s movies — Batman Begins and Inception are my favourites, but I’m also a big fan of The Dark Knight,¬†The Prestige, and Insomnia.

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