{4.5/5} “My success came by standing on the shoulders of someone I hadn’t even liked, who had expressly forbidden me from doing what I did. On his death bed.”

Finn’s wife Lorena was struck by lightning and died two years ago. Now he’s trying to date again, but it’s tough. Finn is a cartoonist — he resurrected his grandather’s comic trip “Toy Shop.” The strip is doing better than ever, but his grandfather explicitly told him that he didn’t want him to continue it. After a terrorist attack with anthrax hits Atlanta hard, Finn starts blurting things out that he can’t control — he has a hitcher.

Hitchers by Will McIntosh was published earlier this year.

It’s a serious treatment of the concept that dead people could co-inhabit the bodies of living people. In addition to Finn, Lorena, and Finn’s grandfather the other main characters are Mick, an aging rock star, Gilly, his former collaborator (who’s dead), and Summer, a waitress.

This is a fabulous story — its uniqueness will keep you reading. You’ll care about what happens to the characters, the living and the dead.

There are a few examples of Finn’s “Toy Shop” comic strip within the book.

McIntosh is also the author of Soft Apocalpyse, which I rated 5/5. I published two of his stories in Challenging Destiny.

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