Stargate Universe (season 2)

{4.5/5} “Out here on the edge of the universe who you are and what you believe is everything, so it’s up to you to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.”

In “Trial and Error” Young has vivid recurring dreams about the same situation but no matter what choice he makes the ship ends up exploding. In “Common Descent” the crew of the Destiny come across a planet where the people are descendants of the crew of the Destiny — who arrived there 2000 years ago. In “Gauntlet” they discover that drone command ships are everywhere in their path — so Eli comes up with a brilliant but dangerous plan to go off the path.

Stargate Universe season 2 originally aired in 2010-11, following on the heels of season 1.

In season 2 they discover the true nature of Destiny’s mission, encounter aliens and drones, and receive visits from people they thought were gone. There’s often a surprise at the very end that teases the next episode. One thing that got to be a bit much was that in every episode something absolutely horrible happened. But it’s a great series — if you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica this is the only show that comes anywhere close to the feel of that show.

You can see why they picked Robert Carlyle to play Rumpelstiltskin / Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time. In both of these shows he plays a character who has his own agenda and you’re not sure how far he’ll go to advance it.

Peter Kelamis (50/50) plays Adam Brody and Patrick Gilmore (2012) plays Dr. Dale Volker. Jennifer Spence (the TV show Continuum) plays Dr. Lisa Park and Julia Benson (Road to Victory) plays Lt. James. Mike Dopud (the TV show Smallville) plays Varro and Julie McNiven (the TV show Mad Men) plays Ginn, both from the Lucian Alliance.

The series ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. There were plans for a movie after the series ended but that didn’t happen. This is the end of the Stargate franchise for now — there are no current plans for new shows.

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