The Social Network

{4.5/5} “The internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”

Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook while a student at Harvard. His roommate Eduardo puts up some money to start it up — and later sues him. Some other students wanted Mark to work on their own similar project — and later they sue him too. Mark is brilliant but not so good at social interaction. After Facebook gets going he meets Sean Parker, inventor of Napster, who has some suggestions for him.

The Social Network was released in 2010.

It’s a fascinating story of a great idea, business, pleasure, friendship, and betrayal. There are some funny moments. Whether you use Facebook or not, this movie is worth seeing.

It’s based on a true story, although Zuckerberg and others involved in real life have said that there are a lot of inaccuracies in the movie.

Mark is played by Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale). Eduardo is played by Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go). Sean is played by Justin Timberlake (Trouble with the Curve).

The movie was directed by David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

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