Parks and Recreation (season 1)

{4.5/5} “This is where the rubber of government meets the road of actual human beings.”

Leslie is the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana. When she discovers a pit that’s been abondoned she vows to turn it into a park. Ann, a nurse and the girlfriend of a man who fell in the pit, becomes Leslie’s friend. Leslie faces several hurdles in getting the park made, including the need to raise money and the indifference of her coworkers.

Parks and Recreation season 1 first aired in 2009.

The first season has only 6 episodes — the show is now in its fifth season. It’s filmed as if it’s a documentary, in a similar style to Modern Family.

Leslie is a very earnest person who doesn’t always understand the subtleties of what’s going on — she believes that she can do good things for the people in her town. Unfortunately the people around her are sometimes working against her, like her boss Ron who believes government shouldn’t be doing anything and her colleague Tom who tries very hard to not do any work.

It’s a funny show. Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live) as Leslie is clearly the star — her character is the funniest. But the other characters are funny too, particularly Leslie’s boss Ron and office intern April. Ron is played by Nick Offerman (The Men Who Stare at Goats) and April is played by Aubrey Plaza (Safety Not Guaranteed). Ann is played by Rashida Jones (The Muppets) and Tom is played by Aziz Ansari (30 Minutes or Less).

The series was created by Greg Daniels (King of the Hill) and Michael Schur (writer on The Office).

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