Highway of Eternity

{4/5} “The incorporeality was, to many of the human race, something akin to a new and exciting religion… There were, however, some who protested most violently against it. We number ourselves among those protestants. There are many other protestants hiding out in various time periods. We maintain small, widely separated groups. It is harder to find us that way. The protestants fled, and now the Infinites or their agents hunt us down.”

Boone and Corcoran are in most ways regular people.┬áBut Corcoran can see things that other people can’t see, because of some extreme surgery in his brain. And when Boone is in extreme danger he can disappear from one spot and reappear in another. These abilities allow them to stumble across a group of time travellers from the future.

In the far future humans have left their flesh-and-blood bodies and become incorporeal beings. But some resisted, and because they would have been forced to comply if they stayed — they left. They travelled back in time where they hoped to live out their lives in peace. But the Infinites were on their trail.

Highway of Eternity by Clifford D. Simak was published in 1986. It was his last novel.

The main characters get separated and they’re off on their own adventures for most of the book before they get back together. There are aliens, robots, and galaxy-spanning schemes.

Most of the book felt 4.5ish but I was disappointed with┬áthe last few chapters. On the surface it seems like things are in place to wrap up the story, but my reaction was more “oh, OK” than “wow.” It’s still worth reading but not quite as good as the other books of Simak’s that I’ve read.

Simak is one of my favourite authors I’ve discovered in the last few years. I recommend his novels Project Pope, Way Station, and especially City. I also recommend his short stories which can be found in Over the River and Through the Woods.

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