Pride and Prejudice

{5/5} “Oh, my goodness. Everybody behave naturally.”

Mrs. Bennet is doing her best to marry off her five daughters to the richest men possible. Things are looking good for Jane, her eldest daughter, who has caught the eye of wealthy Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth has some interaction with Bingley’s friend Mr. Darcy, but he seems arrogant and aloof. Although it’s the turn of the 19th century, Elizabeth isn’t going to marry someone just because he’s rich.

Pride and Prejudice was released in 2005.

I haven’t seen a movie version of this story before. I read the book by Jane Austen more than 20 years ago — it’s my favourite 19th century novel, although I haven’t read many others. I’m sure much of the book was cut to make the movie a reasonable length, but I feel the spirit of the book is alive and well here.

The movie pulls you into the 19th century. There are some very funny parts, and some Shakespearean misunderstandings.

The quality of the acting will make you believe in the love story. The British accents might be a bit difficult to follow, especially at the beginning, but it’s worth it to pay extra attention.

Along with some exuberant classical music, there’s some beautiful music by Dario Marianelli (Atonement).

Keira Knightley (Never Let Me Go) plays Elizabeth and Matthew Macfadyen (Death at a Funeral) plays Mr. Darcy. Rosamund Pike (Barney’s Version) plays Jane, Jena Malone (Contact) plays Lydia, and Carey Mulligan (An Education) plays Kitty. Donald Sutherland (The Great Train Robbery) plays Mr. Bennet and Brenda Blethyn (Atonement) plays Mrs. Bennet. Judi Dench (Skyfall) has a small role as Mr. Darcy’s aunt.

The movie was directed by Joe Wright (Atonement).

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