{4/5} “That was where it began — the Library Beast, he thought of it, threatening to consume him — the knowledge that had every day taken a bit of his humanity and rubbed it thin, pushing him closer to some sort of personal crisis. There was no way — yet — to deal with what he knew — he and only ten other people. Soon, an eleventh would arrive.”

An object that initially seems to be an asteroid settles into an orbit around Earth. It’s dubbed the Stone, and the US lands on it first — they give partial access to the Russians and the Chinese. Seven huge chambers have been hollowed out of the rock, two of which contain entire cities. It seems the Stone is deserted — it was made by humans 1200 years ago and it comes from the future. But those aren’t the most surprising things about it.

Patricia is a mathematician who has been asked to go up to the Stone because she is perhaps the only one who can understand certain things about it.

Eon by Greg Bear was published in 1985.

Humans from the 21st century eventually meet up with humans from hundreds of years in the future. There are lots of interesting things about the future humans, and their interactions with their ancestors. There’s also some interest in exploring the Stone (reminiscent of Rendezvous with Rama, of course), and even more interest in reading what’s history to the people who built the Stone but the future to the newcomers. Will the future happen the same way again, or will it be different this time?

The end is good but several chapters near the end were confusing — I found it difficult to visualize what was happening.

I previously read Bear’s Blood Music and rated it 4.5/5.

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