Castle (season 5)

{5/5} “There’s only two things to do at the docks, kill someone or go fishing. It’s a little late to go fishing, isn’t it?”

Castle and Beckett are finally together, but will it last? And can they keep it a secret from Captain Gates? Beckett finally discovers who’s responsible for her mother’s murder. Following the clues in one murder investigation leads Beckett to the most unexpected suspect — Castle. One of their investigations is recorded by a documentary crew, which Beckett isn’t particularly happy about. Two young women are kidnapped — in a tense 2-part episode — including Alexis. Castle gets a bit of a shock when he runs into his father, whom he’s never met. And Beckett gets a great job offer — in another city.

Castle season 5 just finished.

Other shows went downhill when the main characters got together. Now that Castle and Beckett are together, did this show go downhill? Not at all — the writers are too smart for that. As in previous seasons, the show strikes a unique balance between serious and funny elements.

The season ends with an exciting episode that will allow the writers to go off in new direction(s) next season.

Tamala Jones (Blue Streak) plays Lanie, the medical examiner. Penny Johnson (the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) plays Captain Gates.

Jack Coleman (the TV show Heroes) guest stars as Senator Bracken. Don Stark (the TV show That 70s Show) guest stars as a retired mobster. Gina Torres (the TV show Firefly) appears as the star of a reality show. Kyle Secor (the TV show Commander in Chief) plays the Deputy Director of the FBI.

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