Raising Hope (season 3)

{4.5/5} “Nothing says family like squirting your 86 year-old grandmother in the face so she won’t hit your granddaughter with a fireplace poker.”

Jimmy and Sabrina get married, Virginia and Burt act young because they’re feeling old, and Maw Maw gets taken away to a nursing home. Jimmy is shocked to discover that his parents once gave him up for adoption.

Raising Hope season 3 finished about a month ago — I just didn’t realize that the last episode was the last episode.

The previous 2 seasons are side-splittingly funny, and much of season 3 is too. There were a few episodes in the middle of the season, though, that were just silly and not as clever.

The wedding episode was filmed in the style of Modern Family, in a nice little crossover — they said Sabrina’s mom hired a camera crew to film the wedding.

Gregg Binkley (the TV show My Name is Earl) plays Barney, the manager of the store where Jimmy and Sabrina work. Todd Giebenhain (Wrong) plays Frank, who also works at the store.

Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) is a very special guest star in one episode. Leslie Jordan (the TV show Boston Legal) guest stars as Pastor Bob. Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) plays Sabrina’s mom and Wilmer Valderrama (the TV show That ’70s Show) plays Sabrina’s mom’s boyfriend. Bijou Phillips (Havoc) plays Lucy, who somehow survived being electrocuted and being hit by a bus.

Raising Hope will be back for a fourth season.

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