The Big Bang Theory (season 6)

{5/5} “I was thinking of writing a book called ‘A Brief History of the Time I Made Stephen Hawking Cry Like a Little Girl.'”

Howard has some trouble with the other astronauts on the Space Station, Sheldon hires an assistant, Penny takes a college class, and Sheldon and Howard fight over a parking spot. Sheldon takes care of Amy when she has the flu, Raj and Howard spend a bundle of money on a 3D printer, Penny visits Leonard at his lab, and Bernadette and Howard host a dinner party.

The Big Bang Theory season 6 just finished.

Season 6 continues with hilarious episodes just like the previous seasons.

You might think that after 6 seasons there would be a few episodes that aren’t completely brilliant, but you’d be wrong.

Kevin Sussman (the TV show Ugly Betty) plays Stuart, the comic book store owner. Kate Micucci (the TV show Raising Hope) plays Lucy, a woman Raj asks on a date. Mike Massimino plays himself as an astronaut that goes to the International Space Station with Howard. Margo Harshman (the TV show Even Stevens) plays Alex, Sheldon’s assistant.

Special guest Bob Newhart (the TV show Newhart) plays Professor Proton, who used to have a kids’ science show that Sheldon and Leonard watched.

Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton (both from the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation) play themselves.

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