World War Z

{4.5/5} “Each and every one of these people are here because they serve a purpose. There’s no room here for non-essential personnel. If you want to help your family, let’s figure out how we stop this.”

An outbreak of a new disease spreads around the world quickly — the disease basically turns people into zombies. Because Gerry used to work as an investigator for the UN he’s able to get his family to a ship where they’re safe. But he must go with a team to try to find out how this disease started — and what to do about it. Gerry races against time to try to find some useful information while more and more people succumb to the disease.

World War Z, released in 2013

It’s loosely based on the book by Max Brooks. I saw it in 3D — I felt that the 3D put you right there in the midst of the action.

It’s not gruesome but it is scary. It’s a combination between a zombie movie and a disease-outbreak movie. If you’re looking for a traditional zombie movie, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Brad Pitt plays a determined and resourceful man whose skills at asking the right questions lead him from South Korea to Israel.

It was exciting, and had some clever parts — for me, that added up to an enjoyable movie.

The final third of the movie was reshot — leading to speculation about what the original ending would have been like.

The music by Marco Beltrami (Hellboy) was OK but not particularly memorable.

Brad Pitt (Twelve Monkeys) plays Gerry. Mireille Enos (the TV show The Killing) plays Gerry’s wife Karin and Daniella Kertesz (the TV show Loving Anna) plays a soldier named Segen.

David Morse (The Green Mile) has a small but interesting part.

The movie was directed by Marc Forster (Stranger Than Fiction).

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