The Contender

{4.5/5} “You’re the future of the Democratic Party, and you always will be.”

Governor Hathaway attempted to rescue a woman whose car plunged into a lake, but he was unsuccessful. Riding a wave of popularity, he thought the president would nominate him for vice president. The president instead nominated Governor Hanson, a woman. But there are forces at work who will stop at nothing to make sure that she doesn’t become vice president.

The Contender was released in 2000.

It’s about US politics and how a scandal may or may not destroy a career. It’s about people who stand for principles, and people who make deals.

Bridges, Allen, and Oldman are fascinating to watch as always. Lots of stories about politics have been told, but this one is worth telling.

The music is by Larry Groupé (Nothing But the Truth).

Jeff Bridges (True Grit) plays the president and Joan Allen (Pleasantville) plays Laine Hanson. Sam Elliott (The Big Lebowski) and Saul Rubinek (the TV show Frasier) play two of the president’s advisers. Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Rises) plays the person in charge of the vice presidential hearings. Christian Slater (The Name of the Rose), Philip Baker Hall (Bruce Almighty), and Kathryn Morris (the TV show Cold Case) are also on board.

The movie was directed by Rod Lurie (creator of the TV show Commander in Chief).

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