Tooth and Claw

{5/5} “I don’t think you realize how different it is for me than for you. You can make your way by your own wits and claws, while I must always be dependent upon some male to protect me. Wits I may have, but claws I am without, and while hands are useful for writing and fine work they are no use in a battle. Without them I am completely dependent, and may not turn on those upon whom I am dependent, at least, not without some other protection in prospect.”

When Bon Agornin dies, his children divide up his gold according to his wishes. And, according to tradition, they also feast on his body. But Avan is so upset about how much of his father his brother-in-law Daverak ate, he’s going to take him to court. The youngest daughters are unwed and they’re split up against their wishes — Selendra goes with her brother Penn, a parson, while Haner goes with her sister Berend and Daverak.

Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton was published in 2003.

The story grabbed me right away. It isn’t a long book but there’s a lot going on.

All of the characters are dragons. Some characters are happy with the way their society works, and some would like to change it. Their society is one in which wealth and power are important, females are second-class citizens, and servants are third-class citizens.

The combination of great writing and interesting ideas make it a page turner.

I read that Walton was at one time working on a sequel to this book — I hope she finishes it.

I’ve read some of Walton’s posts on — she’s knowledgeable and articulate. This is the first book by her I’ve read — I’ll be looking for more.

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