Bones of the Earth

{5/5} “We have means of detecting a paradox before it actually happens — and, again, I won’t tell you what they are. But any threat to this precious and fragile enterprise will be nipped in the bud, I can assure you that. And those responsible will be punished. No exceptions. And no clemency, either.”

Leyster is a paleontologist who works for the Smithsonian — he’s excited about a dig where they’ve recently found dinosaur footprints. Then he gets an offer he can’t refuse from a mysterious visitor — go back in time and study live dinosaurs. It turns out that someone has given humans time travel — but there are rules. Almost everyone follows the rules — except for Salley. What discoveries will the team make in the Cretaceous period? Who is it that’s given humans time travel, and why?

Bones of the Earth by Michael Swanwick was published in 2002.

Maybe you’ve read lots of stories about time travel. Maybe you’ve even read lots of stories about dinosaurs. But you haven’t read one like this.

How many books, besides Jurassic Park, have you read where the main characters are paleontologists? It’s a great set of characters for visiting the time of the dinosaurs.

This book reminded me most of Stephen Baxter’s Evolution for its fascinating facts and speculation about long-dead animals. The ideas about how different dinosaur species could have related to one another were mind boggling.

What would you do if you were stuck in the time of the dinosaurs? You’d work on food, shelter, and avoiding the tyrannosaurs.

It’s an intriguing book all the way through but the last quarter kicks it into high gear. Some of the characters get a chance to meet the beings who are behind giving them time travel.

This is the first Swanwick novel I’ve read, and I’m planning on reading more.

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