{4.5/5} “Felicitas turned to her friend. Adriana stared straight ahead. Felicitas felt sorry for Adriana because she knew Adriana hadn’t changed, didn’t look at things the way she now did. And it was the same all over the yard. Some now had the spark of life. Others, like Adriana, were still dead, their eyes leaden. Felicitas knew she was somewhere in between, no longer dead, but not yet alive.”

Felicitas is in jail, but she doesn’t belong there — she didn’t commit the murder that she dreams about. She has amnesia, but she’s remembering more and more every day. The jail has been around for years without anyone looking after it except stupid robots. The robot guards have finally all succumbed to age and collapsed. Now the inmates are working on escape — over the wall or under it, before they run out of food.

Outpost by Scott Mackay was published in 1998.

The unique situation and polished writing style will draw you in right away. What will they find on the other side?

Most of the book is concerned with the story of Felicitas and her friends and enemies — I liked this part a lot.

The larger story, having to do with how Felicitas got to be in jail and what she has to do at the titular outpost, was a bit more confusing. This part was mostly at the end of the book — it did end up mostly making sense but I didn’t feel completely satisfied with it. Perhaps it needed to be fleshed out a bit more.

Although it might not become one of your favourite books ever, it is different — and therefore worth reading.

I read Mackay’s Orbis and The Meek a few years ago.

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