The Secret of Kells

{3.5/5} “You can’t find out everything from books, you know.”

Brendan lives in a monastery where his uncle¬†Cellach is the abbot. Uncle Cellach is focussed on building a wall around the monastery, to keep the Vikings out. The other monks, as well as Brendan, are more interested in illuminating manuscripts. When Aidan arrives with the fabled Book of Iona, Brendan can’t help but defy his uncle’s wishes to work with Aidan. When Brendan ventures out into the forest to get berries for ink, he encounters Aisling — who is either a girl or a fairy.

The Secret of Kells was released in 2009.

It’s an animated movie — the animation is lovely and unique in style.

It takes a real time and place (the eighth century in Ireland) and adds a bit of fantasy to it, like Brave. The Book of Kells is real too — it’s an illuminated collection of the four Gospels from the bible.

I liked the characters, but the story didn’t grab me as much as I wanted it to. Like Zero Effect (the movie I watched yesterday), I felt it didn’t reach its potential.

The fantasy aspects of the movie were a bit random, and what was so important about the book was never really explained.

If you want to see a better movie about monks in medieval times, try The Name of the Rose.

The music with an Irish flavour is by Bruno Coulais (The Chorus).

Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) provides the voice of Cellach and Mick Lally (The Secret of Roan Inish) provides the voice of Aidan.

The movie was directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey (both animators on The 3 Wise Men).

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