Star Trek Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn

{4.5/5} “In a career that had taken him from the lowest foot soldier to the supreme commander of the Romulan military forces, the admiral had learned to identify most of the real enemies in the galaxy: ego, arrogance, self-righteousness, a hunger for power, a lack of compassion and perspective, an unwillingness to understand. In his experience, such enemies could just as easily be found within as without.”

There’s been a significant battle around Deep Space Nine, with casualties on both sides — Federation and Typhon Pact. When the praetor, the Romulan leader, hears about it she’s very upset — she knows that it’s the fault of rogue elements within the Typhon Pact. One of those rogue elements, Tomalak, has been captured and is now on the Enterprise — Picard will try to find out the reason behind the battle. Another rogue element is trying to create their own artificial wormhole. Meanwhile, Sisko is ordered into the Gamma Quadrant to make sure that the Dominion hasn’t allied with the Typhon Pact.

Raise the Dawn by David R. George III was published in 2012. It’s the seventh and penultimate book in the Typhon Pact miniseries, following Plagues of Night.

Part of the story shows Federation President Nan Bacco’s reactions to recent events. She receives a visit from her old friend Slask, a Gorn who usually doesn’t visit in person but brings a top secret message.

In addition to the characters from the previous book we see Odo, Miles O’Brien, Jake Sisko, Nog, and Morn, a regular at Quark’s bar who never said anything during the series but is routinely described as being very talkative.

The story also returns us to the world of science fiction writer Benny Russell (from DS9 episode “Far Beyond the Stars”) in a clever way.

There’s a stunning event at the very beginning of the book* and another one three-quarters of the way through.**

The vast majority of the post-TV series adventures of the crews of the Enterprise and Deep Space Nine are eminently readable, and this one is no exception. George’s fascinating story and the ease with which he deals with these characters will keep you turning the pages.

This book together with the previous one tells an epic galactic story but there are also big changes in the lives of many Deep Space Nine characters. The ending of the story is perfect.

Spoiler alert

*Space station Deep Space Nine is destroyed.

**Romulan Praetor Kamemor secretly comes to Earth in a cloaked ship in order to talk to her Federation counterpart Nan Bacco.

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