Burn Notice (season 4)

{5/5} “Michael, I hope you’re never in a situation where your survival depends on your ability to understand relationships. You’ll be dead in seconds.”

Michael is now working with the people who burned him, in an effort to defeat a dangerous foe. A new person joins the team — Jesse, a counter-intelligence agent Michael unintentionally gets burned. Of course, Michael doesn’t tell him he’s the one who got him burned. Michael gets another chance to talk to Simon, who used to be in his position.

Burn Notice season 4 originally aired in 2010. As usual, it picks up right where season 3 left off.

The ongoing story takes more of centre stage. It’s complex, but it’s not over-complex like in The X-Files.

It’s tough to pick a favourite character, but it’s either Sam or Fiona.

The season finale is pretty intense.

Coby Bell (the TV show Third Watch) plays Jesse.

Robert Patrick (Bridge to Terabithia) shows up as one of the dangerous people. Richard Kind (the TV show Spin City) plays Jesse’s old boss. Burt Reynolds (the TV show Evening Shade) makes a fun appearance as a former spy.

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