Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (season 1)

{5/5} “The one thing you can count on in Wonderland is that you can’t count on anyone.”

After Alice’s visit to Wonderland she tells her father all about her adventures. He doesn’t believe her and she gets sent to an asylum. Just when she’s about to undergo a terrible procedure, the Knave rescues her and takes her back to Wonderland — where her love Cyrus is waiting. Cyrus has been imprisoned by Jafar, who’s in league with the Red Queen, but they will look everywhere for him.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland season 1 finished recently. It’s not coming back next season. It’s a spinoff of Once Upon a Time — the land of Wonderland had previously been seen in that show.

Like its parent show, it switches back and forth between the present and the past. Both storylines are great. When you see Alice and the Knave’s first meeting in the second last episode, it’s delightful.

I like how Alice, after being in Wonderland for some time, now knows its rules and knows what to do in all sorts of situations.

Jafar and the Red Queen seem like typical antagonists at first but they become more interesting when their back stories are explored.

Cora and Robin Hood from Once Upon a Time show up in one episode each.

The ending of each episode makes you want to jump right into the next one. It tells a complete story in its 13 episodes.

It’s about finding yourself, love, and forgiveness.

The fun music is by Mark Isham (the TV show Once Upon a Time).

Sophie Lowe (Beautiful Kate) plays Alice and Michael Socha (This Is England) plays the Knave. Emma Rigby (The Physician) plays the Red Queen and Peter Gadiot (The Forbidden Girl) plays Cyrus.

Peta Sergeant (Iron Sky) plays the Jabberwocky and Lauren McKnight (HottieBoombaLottie) plays Lizard.

Naveen Andrews (the TV show Lost) plays Jafar and Zuleikha Robinson (the TV show Lost) plays Amara. John Lithgow (the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun) voices the White Rabbit and Whoopi Goldberg (the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation) voices Mrs. Rabbit.

The show was created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (Once Upon a Time) along with Zack Estrin (writer/producer on Prison Break) and Jane Espenson (writer/producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

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