Sea Without a Shore

{4.5/5} “This text that we have, it was somehow hidden away, left to be found, when all the mages were gone. And that was no easy thing, for every effort was made to guard against this. They left Eldrich behind, who was trusted. But this text, Averil, Mr. Valary, I fear it is like an island, just over the horizon. One performs the ritual and the next island in the string will appear, and then the next. At the end could lie anything. Even that which caused the mages to bring an end to their own kind.”

Although the mages intended to let magic die with them, it seems there were one or two exceptions. Tristam has reached his destination, Varua, where they’re supposed to get some kingfoil to take back to the king. But different people on the expedition have different goals, as do the islanders. Meanwhile, back in Farrland the King’s Man is plotting to overthrow the King. Different parties have their experts looking at ancient texts, hoping to perform a ritual before the other parties can do it. Even the mysterious Lady Chilton, who hasn’t been seen in decades, is back in the game — and she may know more than anyone else about what’s going on.

Sea Without a Shore by Sean Russell was published in 1996. It’s the sequel to World Without End.

It’s another great book. For most of the book I actually liked it a bit more than the first one. The ending, though, had a bit too much mystery left for my taste.

Both the Varua sections and the Farrland sections of the book are fascinating.

You will care about the characters, and want to find out what happens to them.

I will read more of Russell’s books.

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