After the Golden Age

{4.5/5} “She suppressed a vague feeling of abandonment, that she could have died, and now Mentis and her mother were just leaving her alone. But she remembered: the city was more important. And Celia was always saying she could take care of herself, wasn’t she?”

Celia is the daughter of superheroes, living in Commerce City. Although she tries to lead a normal life, she sometimes gets kidnapped — of course, the Olympiad always comes to her rescue. Celia works as a forensic accountant and her boss has asked her to work on a high profile case — against her parents’ greatest adversary, the Destructor. But unbeknownst to almost everyone Celia had once, as a teenager, become a bad guy and joined the Destructor.

After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn was published in 2011.

There are lots of books about superheroes but I think this is the first one I’ve read about a superhero couple’s offspring. It’s different, with a subtle sense of humour.

Celia is a great point-of-view character, and we occasionally get a flashback to earlier in her life.

If superheroes were real, they might get into trouble with the police from time to time.

This is the first book by Vaughn that I’ve read, and I liked it a lot.

I just discovered that there’s a sequel (that takes place years later) — I will undoubtedly read it.

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