{5/5} “Lockwood had known all along that he would find the answer by asking Kate. He’d been hired not because he was some brilliant ex-CIA agent turned PI, but because he just happened to have dated a certain woman twelve years ago. He should’ve walked out on Lockwood when he had the chance. But he’d been intrigued by the assignment. Flattered. And, if the truth be told, way too attracted to the idea of seeing Kate again.”

A supercollider has been built in the Arizona desert at the cost of 40 billion dollars. It’s supposed to have been up and running by now but the team says they’re having problems. Wyman Ford has been hired by the CIA to find out exactly what’s going on. He arrives to find that the local Navajo tribe is holding a rally against the project, one of the team members is an ex-girlfriend, and another team member has mysteriously disappeared.

Blasphemy by Douglas Preston was released in 2008.

It’s not marketed as science fiction, but it definitely qualifies. It’s a fast-paced mystery, and it’s about the clash between science and religion.

When they turn the machine on they find something no one expects.* There’s some speculation about the nature of the universe.

It’s fascinating, exciting, and mind boggling — like a Michael Crichton novel.

This is the first book by Preston I’ve read — I’ll read more.

Spoiler alert

*Something speaks to the scientists, claiming to be God.

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