Movie series that remained consistent

I’m not going to bother with a list of movie series that went downhill — there are lots of them.

But here’s a much shorter list — movie series where the quality of each movie remained consistent.

Back to the Future

  • These 3 movies are best watched all in a row to get the full effect — the same things happen over and over, to comedic effect.

Jason Bourne

  • These are some of my favourite action movies. I wasn’t sure about Matt Damon as an action star but The Bourne Identity showed he was one. I’m not including The Bourne Legacy, which didn’t have Jason Bourne in it — it was great but not quite as good as these ones.

Lord of the Rings

  • Adapting Tolkien’s books was an extremely difficult task and I don’t think anyone could have done better than Peter Jackson. All 3 movies are absolutely brilliant — I’m not including the Hobbit movies, which are not as good.


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