The Big Bang Theory (season 7)

{5/5} “Who knows? You said you’d be home yesterday, but came home three days ago. You say you’re taking me to work, but for all I know I’ll end up in a deserted amusement park, or a cornfield maze or a back alley dog fight. You tell me.”

While Leonard is away at sea for the summer, Sheldon and Penny spend a lot of time together. When Leonard returns, he wants to spend a couple of days alone with Penny. Raj is back to being single, but he can now talk to women without drinking alcohol. Raj creates a scavenger hunt for the rest of the gang to complete — some members turn out to be more competitive than others. Amy and Bernadette go to a biology convention together, and men buy them drinks in the hotel bar. Sheldon does some calculations that lead to the discovery of a new element, but then he discovers a mistake in his calculations. Howard writes a song for Bernadette to celebrate the anniversary of their first date — so Penny vows to do something romantic for Leonard.

The Big Bang Theory season 7 just finished. Like season 6 it manages to go where it hasn’t gone before while remaining hilarious.

It helps to have likeable characters who have interesting things going on in their lives.

Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me) returns as “himself.”

Bob Newhart (the TV show The Bob Newhart Show) reprises his role as Professor Proton, and Bill Nye (the TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy) plays himself.

James Earl Jones (Darth Vader’s voice in Star Wars) plays himself and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars) has a cameo.

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