Fringe (season 2)

{5/5} “When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.”

Olivia is back from the alternate universe but she was in a car accident and doesn’t remember what William Bell told her. Eventually she remembers that he had a warning for her: hybrids have been created to open the door between the universes, which will lead to one of the universes being destroyed. The team learns that the person they call the Observer is not alone — there are several of them and they’ve been watching humans for millennia. Then one of them stops observing and acts — to save a young woman from dying in a plane crash he knows will happen.

Fringe season 2 originally aired in 2009-10.

The science is wildly unbelievable but the actors almost make you believe it.

The individual episodes are great but I’ve even more interested in the ongoing story. We see what happened when Peter got sick as a child, and we find out what happened to Nina’s arm. We see Walter and William Bell meet again after many years.

I love how Back to the Future starred Eric Stoltz in the alternate universe (in our universe he filmed for weeks as Marty before he was let go).

Like in Burn Notice, sometimes a regular character dies. But unlike in Burn Notice here that character might be impersonated by a shapeshifter.

The end of the season reminded me of the mirror universe episodes in Star Trek — there’s a copy of everyone in the other universe but they’re not quite the same.

Leonard Nimoy’s appearance in season 1 was disappointingly brief but he makes several terrific appearances this season.

Blair Brown (the TV show The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd) plays the enigmatic Nina Sharp. Martha Plimpton (the TV show Raising Hope) guest stars as a police officer in one episode.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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