Burn Notice (season 7)

{5/5} “A deep cover job changes you in ways that are hard to describe. To become another man for months or years, it’s impossible to go through and not be affected at the most basic level.”

Things have changed. Jesse is back at work in security, Fiona is back collecting bounties and has a new boyfriend, and Madeline has quit smoking and is working on getting custody of her grandson. Sam is… Sam. No one has seen or heard from Michael in months. That’s because he’s in deep cover in the Dominican Republic. He has to get close to a terrorist, someone Michael knows from the old days.

Burn Notice season 7 originally aired in 2013. It’s the last season. Like season 6, it continues to be very well done.

One problem with watching a series after it’s all over is that you sometimes see spoilers you didn’t want to see — I saw a couple of them for this series. If you’re careful, you can keep them to a minimum.

There aren’t too many flashbacks in this show, but we get a nice little series of flashbacks to when Michael and Fiona first met.

The show is about sticking with your friends and family no matter what, and trying to do what’s right when your world is a dangerous one.

The writing remained superb throughout this series. The only problem is that if you watch too much at once you’ll start thinking people are out to get you.

The second-last episode ends on an unbearable cliffhanger. As for the finale, you definitely won’t be pressing pause.

If you have any interest in this series, you should check it out — it’s one of the good ones.

Jack Coleman (the TV show Heroes) plays Michael’s new handler and Adrian Pasdar (the TV show Heroes) plays Burke, a terrorist. Alona Tal (Broken City) plays Sonya, a woman they break out of Russian custody. John Pyper-Ferguson (the TV show Caprica) plays James, the head of the organization Burke and Sonya belong to.

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