Freaks and Geeks (season 1)

{4.5/5} “You know, there was a girl in our school… and she had premarital sex. Know what she did on her graduation day? Died! Of a heroin overdose!” — Lindsay and Sam’s dad

Freaks and Geeks season 1, aired in 1999-2000

This show only lasted 1 season. It takes place in the 1980s. Lindsay is smart and was even a member of the mathletes but now she’s hanging out with a different crowd (the freaks). Her brother Sam is still hanging out with his best friends Neal and Bill (the geeks). It’s serious and funny — when it’s funny, it’s hilarious. My favourite character is Lindsay and Sam’s dad, played by Joe Flaherty. James Franco and Seth Rogen play two of the main characters.

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